Le Start

Its been a long day.

I picked up a car today. Didn't that sound easy? Just 6 little words, 2 syllables at the most. So easy. Hmm. Easy… that word just sounds EASY.

Work started @ 5:15 AM. I booked trucks, canceled trucks and vice versa. Lots of wheel spinning without much progress.

Got call I've been waiting for from Car Owner.

Car Owner: Hey, are you still interested in my MR2 for $200.

Me: Absolutely, I can come get it this afternoon.

Hang up.

Hmm. Perhaps I should make sure my race application will be accepted a bit late. (At this point gentle reader, you should watch THIS for more clarity)

I dash off the following note to the organizer:

On Mar 6, 2007, at 1:41 PM, Joseph S* wrote:


I read about The 24 Hours of Lemons and 2 weeks ago but wasn't able secure my car till today. A 1985 Toyota MR2 (see: http://medford.craigslist.org/car/282134362.html ) If I can get the entry form to you by Friday will you consider my entry?

My brother and I are putting a team together. Given the striking resemblance this car has to a movie prop left over from Star Wars I'm leaning toward something with the word Wookie in it for a team name/theme. Although a team called X-Girlfriends is under consideration because I've got 3 that I'm pretty sure would be willing to drive.

**Not in email. (I have to send a shout out to AA, MJ and OF COURSE HB. TC? Honorary? Note to self: Figure out how to get Annamarie with her 6 week old drivers licence on the team. Might have to bribe her BF with seat time. ) email resumes**

I'm excited about the race for the fun factor, at the same time I want to win. read: Finish I think the MR2 is the perfect entry for this format. Reliable, good handling, low mass, and durable. I auto-crossed an 88' MR2 shod with STUDDED SNOW TIRES with no shocks to speak of and 163K on the odo. I came in 6th out of 18 cars. It was a blast!!

( http://www.pbase.com/adphoto/image/75683544.jpg )

Let me know.


The organizer is right on it he shoots me back the following:

Hi, Joe:

Afraid the deadline is gone and we've already notified accepted and rejected entries for 7-8 July, so you're outta luck on that one. Too bad, too, 'cause I like both of those concepts--if you did a Wookie with three ex-girlfriends, I'd say it's a slam-dunk acceptance.

We've added two more races this year, so maybe you'll want to roll over the app for one of those: Detroit, on 29-30 September, and a second at Altamont on 20-21 October. As soon as the dust settles from the entry for the July race, we're putting forms for those new races up on the website. Keep an eye on it for the next week or two...or you can just send me a Team Entry form for July with the race of your choice scrawled in under the logo--just let us know which one you'd want to shoot for.

Thanks much, Chewie--J

Of course, aside from word 'detroit' I don't actually READ past the first paragraph.

Hmm. Do I really want to blow $200 on a car I can't enter till next year? Uh. No.

Call Car Owner back. Back out of deal.

Re-read email. There's another race in October!!!! SHIIIIT!!

Call Car Owner back. Reinstate deal.

Call MJ: MJ can I borrow your truck?

MJ: yes but its going to cost you.

Oh shit.

JS: OK, what will it cost me?

MJ: you have to take my construction trailer to the dump and empty it for me.

JS: Ok I'll be over after work. Yuck.

Work till 3.

Drive across town for truck with said trailer by 3:45.. head to dump.

I swear the fucking trailer is billion feet long. Have you been to the dump? (transfer station) That place STINKS a lot! I smell bad. The pile of construction waste in the trailer doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.

4:57 Race back across town to return construction trailer to site.
Race (back across town) to u-haul to pickup auto transport trailer. $57
Go back home ( across town) because I didn't bring car owners phone number.

Fill truck up with gas. $61

6:42 PM finally get on the I-5 with truck and trailer. T minus 125 miles one way to Brookings.

7:06 Stop McDonalds in Grants Pass for truly bad food.
~8:00 observe that road is narrower and more twisty than I remembered. Start on the Jonny Cash disk for the 3rd time.
8:56 Arrive, Brookings. Shoot shit with car owner for 40 minutes ( a fellow photographer)
Load car. $200

~9:45 head home.

~12AM Arrive at my house, drop car. Note engine oil spewing out exhaust pipe.

Return trailer to u-haul.

Return truck to MJ's.
Turn key in Honda.
Turn headlight switch to off position.
Try bump staring for half a block.
Walk back to MJ's truck.
Jump start Honda.
Drive home

$57 -Autotransport rental
$61 -Gas
$200 - Oil spewing 80's car shaped like a space ship.

Being organizer of the Wookie Fabtastic Racing Team: Priceless?


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