Due to a permanent case of temporary insanity, we decided to build a sibling for the twin engine MRolla by cramming the rear end of a Toyota MR2 (AW11) under the hatch of a Corolla FX16 (AE82). Cutting commenced January 2013 and it's first race was March 2013.

Weight: 2831 Pounds. 52% front, 48% rear.
Front engine: USDM small port 4AGE, 5 speed manual.
Rear engine: USDM small port 4AGE, automatic.

*After the 2015 Miller race, Scott Ith, a regular local teammate and collaborator, purchased the FX32.

  1. 24HL Sears Point 3-2013, finished 40 of 174.
  2. 24HL High Plains Raceway 6-2013, finished 10 of 56. Winner Class B.
  3. 24HL Thunderhill 9-2013, DNF. Rolled on lap 141. Winner (Team): Judges Choice.
  4. 24HL High Plains Raceway 6-2015, finished 18 of 48.
  5. 24HL Thunderhill 9-2015, finished 54 of 188.
  6. 24HL Miller Motorsports Park 10-2015, finished 23 of 79.
  7. 24HL Thunderhill 5-2016, ... *

All FX32 blog entries.
FX32 build photo album.

Complete build time-lapse video:

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