There's a piece of shit in my driveway.

[Short Version]
We bought a 1987 Toyota MR2
in Provo this morning for $350. Cool.

[Long Version]
I was all set to road trip out of state this weekend to try to by car, but Bender found one less than an hour away in Provo.

...God I hate Provo. The place gives me the heebs. Everyone dresses the same, thinks the same, (or 'doesn't think' the same), votes the same... There's a heavy-duty mind-control transmission there or something. I like to wrap my head in foil if I must pass through.

Also the seller could only meet at 8 AM, so I had to be ready to leave at 7, and wake up at 6:ish on a Saturday. Hell, I didn't know they still had a 6 AM on Saturdays in the Mountain Time Zone.

A local option for a car is great though news, even if it is in Provo at some ambitious time of day. Driving all weekend, lodging, and renting a car transport would be expensive and cramp my snowboarding options.

It's a shitty car. It looked like no one had cleaned it for the previous 3 owners. A few observations:
  • BALD tires, low on air.
  • Exhaust severed before muffler.
  • Power windows go down, but only sort of go up.
  • Alarm system without the beeper.
  • Mounds of homework and notes from some trade school.
  • Handfuls of unpackaged, sticky, candy, all over the passenger seat and floor.
  • Some tools included: Screwdrivers, cutters, odd sockets and a ratchet, two star lug wrenches, box knives, tub of bond-o, various rolls of tape...
  • Some interesting rocks.
  • Bug spray and 30 SPF sunblock.
  • Deck of cards.
  • A nice big charged fire extinguisher.
  • Scissors
  • Some useful new parts: CV boot, exhaust coupling, fuel filter, O2 sensor, partial set of lug nuts, spark plug spacers...
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95. (I think this artifact accurately dates the age of the mess.)
  • Gutless.
  • Front end collision repair. Several body panels were previously blue. Doors sag.
  • Seats are shredded.
  • No damping in the front suspension.
The seller had advertised $575, but it was pretty clear nobody looking for a roadworthy car would be making any offers. Despite Paul's negotiating strategy of first suggesting $450, we got the car for $350.

We topped off the oil, filled the tires, put ten bucks of gas in it, and drove it home. Didn't see any cops. On the highway it seemed to wake up a bit and develop a bit of power. We stopped and checked the oil after ten miles. There was some rattling and shaking, but no smoke, knocking, grinding, or obvious leaks. Transmission was smooth.

Despite all it's issues, found myself smiling. The car was already fun to drive. I'm pretty optimistic that we are going to turn it into a competitor.

Once home we filled a significant portion of an 80 gallon garbage can.

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