The Bad News First

Bryan and Jordan had to drop out of the team for other priorities. Understandable since the cost per teammate is already over $800 with just the car, entrance fees, personal safety gear, and lodging roughly calculated. I'll try to lure them back when we do a practice day. Also, the June/Nevada race got bagged. Our other teammate Jared was planning to participate in that race only, and he's busy enough that I expect when I finally hear from him he'll pull out of the team.

The good news: Paul's brother Andy has joined the team. He's another mechanic and they have been making good progress getting the cage in (as well as fixing my roommate's muffler).

So we're only three for Altamont at this point. From a drive time perspective that's pretty cool, but financially it's not great. We'll keep an ear to the ground for another teammate.

So now that I'm home from vacation I need to get serious about setting priorities and making time line of tasks. Joe recommended we pass our own mock-tech inspection well in advance of the race.

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