14 Days Before The Race

The car hasn't left my driveway since the day we brought it home back in Feb, until today. This morning I wanted to back the car in to make access easier. I backed it onto the street to turn it around, and as I shifted from reverse to first gear and brought my hand back to the wheel, I looked down my street and felt compelled to drive. I sat and struggled with this urge for a moment, then pulled forward a few yards, and deliberately looked away from the street, and maneuvered backwards into my driveway. Getting the car impounded 2 weeks before the race, after all the work the team has put in, would suck in the worst way.

We're winding down on prep tasks. Today's tasks:
  • Swapped CV joints
  • Goofed around with the battery
  • Replaced antifreeze with water
  • Started painting
We're all getting excited about the race. The engine is sounding good. Our last fees have been paid. We've got all our safety gear, ...oh. Except my gloves.

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