Houston, We have a motor.

After multiple trials and tribulations Randal the Zen Master Race Car Mechanic sorted through our on-going valve issues and emerged victorious.
Ordered Safety gear. Needed:

fire proof undies ~$100
Baclava ~$80 - required for open face helmets (not mentioned on the web site but required according to the yellow tech sheet)
Shoes ~$80

Total: ~$260

I noticed that next year open faced helmets won't be allowed... New helmet for next year:


Decided to buy the cheapo lemons safety gear package offered by organizer. $430 shipped.

Need to finish cage.
Need to put the passenger door back on.
Need to get tires.
Need to install CB
Need to improve fire extinguisher mounting
Need to install a rear view mirror
Need to tweak shift linkage ( no lightspeed?)
Need to get a high speed fuel can.
Need to add 5th strap to harness.
Need to install shelf in tool trailer.
Mass airflow hack.
Install paintball gun.

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