Required Reading for the Snowspeeder Pilots Association Team!!

First: We better freaking win.

And finally: We better freaking win.

Driver rotation:






I can’t seem to remember which.. I figure we’ll toss a coin sometime before the race.

Keep the car on the track till the first yellow after 1.5 hours or until the motor starts cutting out due to lack of fuel.

If the car gets hurt: Randal will fix it.

Remember our strategy: If they don’t get out your way, dive to inside, grab the apex and hit them when they come across. This will result in a perfect "pit maneuver" or bounce them off the track. Trust the diminutive size of the car to create an aura of innocents, thus avoiding black flags.

Hitting barricades is ok as long as you knocked someone else off the track in the process.

-Your fearless leader


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raine said...

Kick ass guys! I'll be thinking of you this weekend!

Love the paint job, larr.

Kind of want to use one that last photo from the test run as a banner for MY site. I guess that wouldn't be very applicable though. Awesome