Back at it. (12 weeks until race.)

Time to dust of the Beater-Car Blog and start tracking progress toward the 2008 Arse-Freeze.

Our team from the May race has disbanded. Jerry had only ever planned to race once and the Kiel brothers now have their own lemon they are prepping. It's another mk1 MR2 and I know with their mechanical ability it will be a serious contender.

I've rallied a new team. My neighbor Brent and his buddy Mark have been pretty enthusiastic about the project all along. Along with Mark Senior, we have a new team. Welcome aboard guys. Our first meeting is tonight

We've got some residual task from the previos race and several new requirements for Thunder Hill. So lots of work and 12 weeks to do it. October is here and snow has already frosted the peaks above Salt Lake. Working in my driveway is going to be cold and dark in a few more weeks.

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