Ups and downs.

My friend and professional graphic designer April has volunteered to give our car a new paint job. I've given her complete creative freedom within the race specifications and I'm excited to see what she does.

I now have a team of Marks. Welcome to Mark Zimmerer(erer), our fourth driver and third Mark.

We are trailerless again. The first loaner arrangement reneged upon realization that our race falls on Memorial Day weekend. Our second loaner trailer was an unregistered farm hauler with no brakes. Now I'm shopping for something I definitely don't want hogging driveway space. Maybe I'll let my dad 'borrow' it and just leave it at his place between races.

We're 3+ weeks with a few major issues to overcome. We still need to fix the cooling system, install the kill switch, and find a test location. We did finally get the hub and bearing reassembled. I pulled the dash and heater, and did some cutting of doors, hood, trunk, and my finger. Utah weather in April is less than cooperative for working in the driveway. Time to get serious about a new garage.

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