Course Configuration

I'm very excited. 
Yes. Very. 
Very very EXCITED. 
The course layout for the Reno race has been published. 

For the sake of comparison, here is the course and configurations of races to scale.  

First is Altamont. (RIP, counter-clockwise) 

Cute, isn't it? It actaully was the craziest 24HL course I'm aware of. They crammed about 100 cars into that little kidney, same amount as the bigger courses, and told the course workers that unless cars were exploding, not to flag anyone. I will miss the chaos of Altamont, but then again, I won't.

Next is Thunderhill as raced December 08. (Counter-clockwise) As you can see the course is much bigger. Not nearly the bumper-car rally that Altamont was. Very fun. Very fast.

I sort-off had to unlearn everything I picked up at the Altamont school of driving. Lots of black flags. Lots of yellow flags. The course allowed a few capable cars to hit 100 mph. The course was beautiful and a blast.

Three short weeks from now we should be racing the following twisty layout at Reno-Fernley. (Counter-clockwise) 

This may just look like a femmie blue line on a brown map, but let me assure you it is a actually about 14 hours of shit-eating, white-knuckle grins. WAHOOO! Look at all those turns, and much more distance that Thunder Hill. I can't wait!

You can check these locations out on Google Maps, and the full size images I made are here.

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