So, long time no update. Here's a summary of what's been up:

In March I raced Sears Point with Joe and Bow in the Snowspeeder. The track is my new favorite and after hours of "training" in Gran Turismo 4 I'd say the game nails it. Snowspeeder was running weak and we killed the engine day 2 placing 123 of 147. I was sick the whole trip. It was still a great time. Paul, Judy, Bill and a bunch of other stick-figure recruits were there with the Deathmobile MR2 (finished 89th).

This month I raced Thunderhill in the Deathmobile with Paul's team. 39th of 108, and instead of the usual half the cars falling apart day 1, this had to be the most competitive 24HL I've seen. So We're proud of that 39! The car ran flawlessly and we all had a blast. We threw an Animal House theme toga party.

I'm accepted to the July Colorado race and we should have V-RAM resurrected by then, but we're short a couple drivers and I don't know if just me and Bill can pull the race off. Crossing fingers.

We're in the shopping phase of what we hope will be the whooptiest franken-beater to grace the tarmac at a 24HL. Keeping it under wraps for now but will reveal before we race it. Targeting December Buttonwillow.

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