Strong Start

The MRolla project is off to a great start. I half expected the engine to need a rebuild, or at least some major fuel system work. After 10 minutes to swap and distributor we had one of the nicest purring 4AGE engines we've dealt with. Compression tested at 158-160.

On to stripping ahead of schedule. There was much body damage, but the interior was in excellent condition and I expect some there will be some happy AE92 owners benifiting from our careful salvage.

All we have left before cutting is dropping the fuel tank and pulling the rear suspension.

I'm becoming more impressed with the AE92 GTS. I've noticed several improvements over the MR2 in the quality of interior materials and such. I half regret tearing into this one for the project, but I know it was a perfect donor with an exterior not worth restoring. It could never displace my enjoyment of the mid-rear configuration, but I have my eye out for a daily driver candidate.

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