Not Just A Figure Of Speech

Reno will be a full 24 hour race. I usually have to explain "24 Hour Of Lemons" is more like 15 hours over a two days, but HQ just announced the May Reno-Fernley race will be 24 hours. In a row.

I think we're thrilled. It will be an epic challenge. Can hardly wait to spend 24 hours straight at a track with no paddock power or plumbing.

We need drivers. We are planning to enter Paul's Deathmobile for redundancy "just in case" the MRolla dies or just sucks to drive. That means we have 48 hours of seat time to fill. I'm full recruiter mode. If your mom has $400 bucks and fireproof long johns, I'll give her seat time.

I think we're going to need more than usual quantities of brake pads (especially), tires, fuel, and caffeinated beverages.

Lights. We also need lights. I'm thinking a set from a junked F-250 will bolt right up.

I wonder if the 24 format will draw more or fewer teams?

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