Missing My Street Car

Somehow my brother James convinced his wife that he should get an MR2. And somehow I decided to sell him my '89 Supercharged. It deserved to be kept nice. I don't like worrying about keeping cars nice. It went to a good home and now I'm free to start a new project that I can scratch and dent. But I miss it. Is it normal to check the classifieds 5 times a day for an AW11?

In other news, MRolla has been in storage while Paul has been prepping the stick figure car for Sear Pointless this weekend. I helped a bit and have some great photos, but they like to unveil at the track.

I'll be racing with Joe, Bow, and the Snowspeeder. I only have a couple more days before the race so I better go bitch at Joe more about the cage situation.


macpepper said...

I just bought an 89 myself. How could you let it go, that was a nice looking SC? Mine is not so nice right now, but I am looking forward to the project.


Larry said...

I know, but a cherry SC was not the right car for me. A collectible condition car is better off in more caring hands and I prefer the lighter handling of the NA. My eye is constantly roving for my next MR2.