Crunch Time

No more exterior pics until after we reveal the theme at the race this week. We had the whole team painting Saturday and the MRolla is looking good. Paul it the Bondo-Meister and his work has really transformed this shanty into a car.

Yesterday we started blowing a 50 amp fuse that leads to almost everything every time we turned the MR2 key to acc/on. Exactly what the issue was will remain a mystery. After a several other troubleshooting steps, swapping the complete wiring harness was a very frustrating, time consuming fix. The time it took us to do that was supposed to be spent leisurely finishing a few other tasks before we load the trailer, but now we are seriously pressed for time.


Manos said...

Good luck on your race.. I have been dreaming of building a two engine lemons car for almost two years now. I am humbled.

Larry said...

Thanks! Are you the guy who stopped by Friday?

Manos said...

Hi Larry - No not me. I was in LA... We are going to Thunderhill for our 5th lemons (assuming we get in). I am part of the Faustest Team. Search for the team name and you'll find a link to our FB page. We are strictly a one engine car. ;-) Any thoughts on future races?