MRolla Recruiting For Denver

I was going to store the MRolla until next season due to budget and
scheduling constraints, but screw that. I've decided to recruit a team
and get the MRolla to Denver in July. In case you live under a rock
the MRolla is the first twin engine Lemon and won Organizers Choice
last month at Reno.

The MRolla is already accepted to the BFE GP. All I need are at least
3 more drivers. My estimated cost $460 to $650 if we get 4 or 5
drivers. Arrive and drive will pay a little more than those that can
show up in Salt Lake to help with prep and transport a couple days in

What I want from drivers is fun, positive, helpful attitudes, and
ability to keep the car out of the penalty box. Otherwise you can
drive as fast or slow as you like. Fun in the face of chaos is what
Lemons is all about, and if you can run out a full tank of gas all the

There is a short list of things to be done for MRolla to be race
ready, all just replacing parts Paul at Stick Figure had loaned from
his car. This should take me a day or less to return the car to it’s
previous Reno racing state. If I have more time and help before the
race, there is another short list of things (springs!) to make the car
easier to race and more competitive, though it is actually already
among the fast lemons.

If you’re interested in driving an epically nutty, surprisingly fast
car, on a twisty rolling course, drop me a line. If you know of other
interested drivers forward this to them.

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