Northworst Summary

I won't miss another 24HL at Oregon Raceway Park. The track is incredible. I can't really describe it as "better" than Infineon or any other decent track, but it has some essential features that no other track offers. The course takes full advantage of the natural contours and the result is 16 turns of banked bobsled and roller-coaster ride.

We finished 9 out of 37 in the Snowspeeder MR2. It's been a while since we made the top quarter. But who is counting? We just had a ball driving. I was our only black flag, with a humongous off-track right in front of the hot-pit. We lost a little more time with shift cable repairs.

I spent the preceding week mountain biking in the Hood River area. It was also epic. I'll make this an annual biking/racing vacation.

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