T-minus Tomorrow

I want one.
We leave tomorrow morning, bright and ugly. We're feeling well prepared. I'm getting excited. I'll mention a couple odds/ends then try to get some updates done during the race. No promises.

I'm hoping to get a spiffy "Toyota 4WD" badge for the MRolla. I've had my eye on the local junk yards for the last month or two with no success. May stop at a junkyard on the way to the race and see what I can scrounge.

On bit of MRolla tech we’ve never really mentioned is the rear air flow. The stock radiator for an MR2 is the front of the car. When constructing the MRolla we opted to move the rear engine’s radiator to the back. This reduces plumbing, which is one source of trouble in many MR2s, and also avoids contention and fit issues with the Corolla’s radiator. We obviously have two big scoops on the rear corners pulling air into the trunk space, and the radiator is visible at the rear end. We’ve also placed oil and automatic transmission coolers inside the scoops.

From the left we have transmission fluid cooler,
electric water pump, radiator, and oil cooler.
We finalized our kill switches. Paul matched the paint on the b-pillar box, we got the labels on, and the switches mounted. I love the new location and think it’s going to be a very useful modification.

Complete new kill-switches, and you can see the rear scoop
that directs air to the transmission cooler and radiator.

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