Another Weeks Progress

Most of last week's progress was made on Saturday.
  • More roll cage progress.
  • Removed the alarm system's engine kill and got the car started again.
  • Got the intake removed.
  • Cut away front fenders.
  • Removed more plastic.
  • Started moving the battery to the frunk (front trunk).
In my mind if the car runs and passes tech, we are in the race and are going to have a blast. Anything else we can do to improve the car is gravy. So it was a relief to hear the engine running again. When we bought the car the exhaust was disconnected and we couldn't really hear the engine. Now it sounds nice and smooth. Sunday was rainy and this morning there was a blanket of fresh snow to shovel off the car. Weather looks spotty this weed so hopefully we get to get more done between storms.

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