Despite forecasts the weather didn't crap on us and we made more progress this weekend:
  • More roll-cage progress.
  • Battery moved to frunk.
  • Air intake done.
  • Checked wheel bearings, brakes, and replaced front pads.
  • Changed plugs and wires.
  • Fixed driver door hinge.
  • Finished cutting out fenders.
  • Changed oil.
Some new issues:
  • Radiator is full of sludge.
  • Spark plug cover doesn't seal and is collecting water

Put the car on blocks and left it up blocking my whole driveway since I want to take the wheels to buy tires this week. We really need a compression test done. Maybe a temp registration will allow us to get this wedgie out for a test drive before the race. We had another wet snow storm this morning. Only four weekends left to work on the car.

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