A Big Day

Not much time for a thurough post. Here are a few pics though:

Started early but it was a good thing we did. We needed all the track time we could get and were working well after dark in the pits prepping for tomorrow.

We had planned for very bad driving conditions, but after the first pass from Ashland Oregon, it was smooth sailing to Willows California. Further north conditions were much worse and one team from Washington rolled their rig en route. Everyone was OK, but they are out a truck, trailer, race car, and obviously won't be joining the fun. :-(

Gorgeous day!

They had a test day so we were able to put some much needed break-in on Joe's newly machined engine.

Elevation makes turn 5 very tricky. Very fun. Apex is at the top of a hill and you can't see beyond it.

Joe playing with his new 'size matters' lens.

Our buddies from Portland, Free Range Racing, had much more difficult trip, but had time for a bit of Gran Tourismo at the end of the day.

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