Pucker up.

Randall has the Snowspeeder ready for the track and loaded into his trailer. He and Joe are both off for some forced-family-fun for X-mas. I declined the invite from the girlfriend-in-law's family celebration to catch up on channel surfing and balancing my bank accounts. Holiday dinner was leftover road-chow of crackers and cheeze-wiz.

While I was enroute from Utah I hear Joe and Randall sneaked the Snowspeeder out to some back-road to try to get some break-in on the engine. On the way home they had a nice chat with the sheriff. Randall BS'd them out of a ticket or impound. Would have been grumpy after paying a share and dragging my ass out here to find the car was confiscated.

This weather has everyone spooked about transporting the car tomorrow. Our buddies in Portland, Free Range Racing, report that they are so snowed in that they couldn't get their trailer out of their neghborhood and had to scrounge another truck. Another team from that area has bailed from the race. Currently it's snowing again and passes could be closed tomorrow.

Here's my holiday wish list:
-We get to the track at all.
-We get there in time to race the entire race.
-We get there in time to break-in and tune the engine.
-The engine and car last the duration of the race.
-Top 10 finish?

We plan to leave at 4 AM.

I want to thank Jay Lamm for scheduling the Thunderhill race for 2009 in November.

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Bender said...

Good Luck snowspeeder!