Ever bit off more than you can chew? Every race I think it will be easier, its not. There is a sinking feeling at a certain point in the car prep where the math involving money, time, skill and relationship capital seems only to pencil out to massive deficits.

Jay Lamm is a bastard.

We got motor back from the machine shop yesterday... about a week late. Randal and I put in about 7 hours in yesterday and another 7 or 8 today. The motor is in the car but I'd say we still have about 5 hrs worth of work hooking up the myriad of shit before we can fire it.

I keep finding more stuff we need to do or buy. I keep remembering stuff we need to do buy "before the next work session" promptly upon entering the "next work session" I haven't done a lick of Christmas shopping. I think I've barely said 200 words to my girlfriend in the last 72 hrs. I'm thinking this is not the ideal time to tell her I'll be doing three races next year.

do / buy:

Overflow bottle / cap / dohickie
Gear oil
weld lid on the car
finish installing the motor
log 200 miles on the car to find problems
christmas shop


Matthew said...

Sad to admit that I also haven't started xmas shopping yet either... I'm at NAPA so often, I'm thinking about getting my wife a creeper? Probably not a great plan!

Were looking at Reno, ButtonWillow, THill and MAYBE Ohio next year.

Erik said...

how, exactly, does christmas shopping make the car go faster? I"m not clear on this one....

I'll second the whole 'it never gets easier'. Damn ambition.

We've taken to buying a 10 foot white board and mounting it in the shop next to the car, with a person by person to do and to buy list that gets updated minute by minute. It's frustrating to cross something off your list only to have someone else replace it with two more things, but it keeps us in order for materials and priorities. And, at this point, more is actually getting crossed off than added!!!!!