As nutty as a third testicle.

[Northern California, X-mas Eve]

(As posted to the 24HL mailing list)

As if 24HL is not crazy enough in concept alone, I have to say the fiasco surrounding this '08 Arse-freeze is more than extra-silly. This should have occurred to me before waking up from a nap shivering in my truck at 1 something AM Christmas Eve at a rest stop in BFE Nevada as I try to sneak through a break in the storms between Salt Lake and Ashland Oregon to hook up with my brother's team.

Maybe it's the holiday spirit, or maybe because I'm still a bit drunk this afternoon after a night at a non-Utah strip-club, or maybe it's the much improved weather forecast for Willows CA, but reading about the travel hardships and spousal wrath everyone is enduring just to share a weekend driving around and around with a bunch of other cold unshaven men has me feeling a little gay.

I love you guys. Merry X-mas.

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