Pressure And Progress

The project has become very time consuming and tensions are elevating a bit with the race just a couple weeks out. I'm getting a bit stressed. There are some very rewarding moments as we make steps forward.

Today we rolled the MRolla out to try getting both engines started. Corolla end almost a go. No spark. Will double check the wiring repairs from the fire.

The MR2 end started pretty easily after we un-seized the starter. Did a compression test on it: 160, 145, 150, 155. Good enough for a fifth race since Altamont 2008. We've gotten our $250 worth from that MR2.

With the Corolla end not starting we couldn't test the fuel system while supplying both engines, one of our biggest technical concerns with this project.

My welding has gained Paul's approval and I welded most of the cage while Paul did the cutting and bending. Did I already post that? OK, I'm still proud.

We've got scoops on both sides of the rear end to draw air to the trunk mounted MR2 radiator.

It's looking less and less like one car as we attach multi-colored parts to it, but on the other hand the shape is coming together.

Tomorrow we go pull an automatic transmission from the junk yard. The transmission is our other big hurdle, but it looks like we can rig an electronic shift control for the rear auto. We'll see.

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