F X 1 6 G T S !

Hideous isn't it? I love it.

Since selling my MR2 to my brother I've been in need of a new street car, and I've been obsessing over the Corolla FX16 even longer. My first car when I left the family hand-me-downs behind was an 87 FX16 GTS. It turns out these cars are much more difficult to find than MR2s.

Today I got a $500 runner. There are things a that $500 buys you in a car that $10000 doesn't: I don't care if my dog Lego get's hair in it. I can spray paint it. When I get water in the distributor by spraying the 5mm cake of oil and dust off the engine and kill it, I can reach through the hole where a speaker should be, press the clutch start button, and drive the car up my driveway using the starter motor.

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