MRolla Once More This Year

Tragically, Paul's latest project car for Stick Figure Racing has been deemed too lemony for even the October 24 Hours Of Lemons at Infineon by Jay and Evil John. We're touched
that they care more about our safety than we do.

Thus we've rolled the MRolla into Paul's garage and started sorting out the issues that haunted it at Reno and Denver. Body roll and the mysterious fuel cut-off problem are getting attention. We also changed the way the automatic transmission in the rear is linked to the throttle. Initial driveway drag-strip tests indicate the MRolla now launches rather than accelerates.

We fabbed up some very fitting front springs, Corolla and MR2 coils combined.

In other news, I'm hooking Joe and the Snowspeeder up with these bitchin mags.

Finally, the State of Utah sent me a nasty-gram saying they were going to delete my FX16 from their computer system if I didn't complete inspection and registration this month, effectively flushing my original registration payment. With this motivation I did a little adjusting and tightening and it's now street-legal. Now I'm having a ball, zipping around in this thing, annoying neighbors, diminishing property values, and taking all my corners at tire-squeal speeds. The State of Utah now regrets bugging me to get this out of my yard and on the streets. Rattle-can paint job is in the near future.

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