New Blue Two

You know it's a good weekend when it ends with this in your driveway.

Not many pics yet but I picked this MR2 up yesterday. 99600 miles. Rust free. Always garaged. Never wrecked or even lightly dented. Interior looks new. The experienced eye will notice the original decals are missing. The previous owner's spouse accidentally "waxed" it with buffing compound so it has a second coat of paint. Driving it from Pocatello Idaho to Salt Lake was a joy (except the few miles of ice over a pass near the state line). The ride is smooth, straight, and perfectly firm.

I bought it from the original owner who literally was trying to hide tears as I pulled away. He loved this car. Said it was "the only car I ever bought because I wanted it". His was the best example of what kind of relationship we can have with a car and I intend to honor that.

I’d been discussing purchase with the owner since I sold my 89 Supercharged to my brother over a year ago. He had it listed on MR2OC asking $4000, but he didn’t have a very effective ad or photos. I made him an offer then that he declined, but we stayed in touch. Last week he let me know he intended to trade it in new car purchase. He had previously tried to give it to his father who became unable to drive, and offered it to nieces and nephews who didn’t seem to understand the appeal of an MR2 in this era and region where an AWD turbo Subaru or Audi is so much more powerful and practical. Pocatello in November is not a good MR2 seller’s market. I offered all the cash I could put together on short notice, more than I should have been spending on a third street vehicle, but an outrageous low-ball at $1800. I expected him to decline again, but I think he sensed I’d appreciate and care for it so he accepted.

This is the nicest MR2 I’ve ever been in and my good fortune to own it is surreal. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for. I may cycle through some other track and project cars, but this is the MR2 I’ll own and drive until they make me quite driving.


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