(Update 1-2013: This car has is now the primary donor for the FX32 twin engine hatchback. It has be replaced by this DOT.MATRIX)
Behold: The DOT.MATRIX
I've never named a car. I've given a few cars titles, like the race cars here, but to me cars are inanimate devices that I don't talk to or presume hear when I call them by name. It seems a little childish to me, to have that sort of sentiment for an emotionless device. That doesn't mean I don't love cars and recognize their distinct characters. They are not pets, but favorite toys.

A reference to distinguish cars is both fun and useful though. I can't just say "my car" or even "my MR2" and expect people to know which of my cars I'm talking about.

I also think it's time to expand the scope of this blog beyond the race cars, to the street cars we frequently refer to anyway.

So I now dub my FX16 the "DOT.MATRIX". It's a partial reference to the Toyota Matrix, the successor to the FX, but more of a reference to a more primitive technological era when boxy small Japanese import cars and whining, slow printers were an exciting novelty.

So this is the reference page for the DOT.MATRIX:
  • 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16. 
  • It has a few GTS cosmetic bits.
  • It has over 230000 miles on the odometer, but no guarantee that the gauge is original.
  • It has a fairly happy blue top 4AGE. I suspect a slightly tuned rebuild, but don't know the history.
  • It cost me $160.
Plans for the DOT.MATRIX include:
  • Small port 4AGE swap.
  • Rustoleum rattle-can paint job.
  • Wheels.
  • Some type of headlight conversion.
  • Low budget stereo.
  • Bumper testicles?

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