Shutov Assembly

The only rule change that has much affect on us this season is the kill switch location must now be within driver's reach. Pretty sensible.
Old kill-switch location was just out of reach behind driver's shoulder.

We thought the optimum location would be on the cage's front down tube just above the steering wheel, but our car is pretty crowded and we feared it would hinder steering or be accidentally killed during more aggressive/frantic maneuvers. We toyed with several ideas and finally acted on this one. We thought the old location was excellent for all use by non-drivers and wanted to alter it to be within reach, but there just wasn't the clearance between the cage and pillar to make it work well. Having two engines and kill-switches compounds the issue. So we cut out the pillar and Paul fabricated a big sturdy box. Now the driver reaches the switch just over the shoulder, and anyone outside the car still has easy reach.
Easy over-the-shoulder access.

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