Now performing daily driver duties.

This winter I wrecked my truck. Since my nice MR2 had been winterized and my previous hatchback had been made into another twin engine race car, it was time to get an engine into the hull that had been decorating my yard for some months.
The exiting engine did sound like a cinder block in a dryer.
The MR2 will get a nicer engine later.
Swap results were fairly clean.
Utilizing the straightest body parts from three cars.

Running and registered for the holidays.

I had enough parts to put together a respectable interior.
After years of searching I was able to acquire a JDM style leather wheel.
With a full set of studded tires the little beastie is unstoppable. Now the regular dog-hike-mobile.

As it sits today with the Enkei RPF1 wheels.

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